Best Program for Football betting software BETGARANT XXX 2017/Soccer Predictions Software

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80 USD

BETGARANT XXX 2017 - One of the best versions of software for betting on football, of BETGARANT series. Program BETGARANT XXX Rates fully automatic. When you click on the Refresh button displays the information of more than 130 championships around the world.In online mode, formulas calculated the likely outcome of a match. BETGARANT XXX program advantage is that all the championships that you need to manually select additional analysis in BETGARANT NEW, now appear on your desktop in the form of a table, there is filtering by date, championships, totals and outcomes. Probability forecast program BETGARANT XXX - 75-80%.


60 USD

BETGARANT NEW 2017 - one of the latest versions of the program for betting on football. Double match analysis in one working window. Unlike BETGARANT XXX, that this program provides a forecast for the next 200 games, but not all of the championships for the week ahead. The program is fully automatic. More than 130 championships around the world. By pressing a single button automatically pulls statistics formulas and then calculated the likely outcome of a match. The program has two working windows. In one working window displays forecasts for the next 200 games, an additional match analysis, forecasts for the next rounds of a championship (130 countries)

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15 USD

BETGARANT BANK - automatic calculator for betting on three strategies. Proper management of the bank. Completely automatic. Nice interface. The program will calculate the necessary next bet at one or another end of the previous. It shows the current bank, the percentage growth or loss relative to the initial bank.Three built-in, automatic betting strategies. STRATEGY "D'Alembert," strategy "Martingale" strategy and "Ladder". Place your bets wisely. This program allows you to discipline a player in bets on sporting events, and predosterezhёt from reckless or deliberate rates. The program is fully justified itself in the distance. 

BETGARANT BANK - the key to success of this marque